Astrophotography Corner

This is the stage for some of my astrophotographies. It only represents a vanishingly small fraction of the total data that has accumulated over the years, and the database is growing ...

Barnard 33
The Horse Head Nebula

The Constellation Cygnus

Messier 13
The Hercules Cluster

Messier 51
The Whirlpool Galaxy

IC 1805
The Heart Nebula

Central parts of the Milky Way

Messier 11
The Wild Duck Cluster

Messier 31
The Andromeda Galaxy

Messier 42
The Great Orion Nebula

The Tulip Nebula

Messier 45
The Plejades

Messier 101
The Pinwheel Galaxy

NGC 2024
The Flame Nebula

Collinder 399
Brocchi's Cluster

NGC 884 & NGC 869
The Double Cluster in Perseus

Messier 81
Bode's Galaxy