A Simulation (Hestia 17-11) of the Milky Way. The colors emerge from the photometric attributes of the star particles. The gas density distribution is added in gray.

My research - The CGM 

My field of study is the Milky Way's circumgalactic medium (CGM) mostly in simulations. Though, I also like to pick up on observational data as well.

All gas reservoirs in the Galaxy and the ones surrounding it (i.e. the ISM, the CGM, and the IGM) are connected via various feedback processes and altogether form a vital balance between evaporation an cooling of the circumgalacitc gas. My recently started PhD project focuses on the distribution and kinematics of cool gas clouds in the circumgalactic medium of the Galaxy. Their abundance and kinematics trace the bulk flow of gas that sustains the Galactic star formation. With the help of constrained cosmological simulations, I aim to investigate the distribution of those clouds in the simulated Milky Way's halo. One of those simulations is shown in the picture to the left with the frame being centered on the Milky Way. I intend to give expectations of which fraction of those clouds is observable from the local standard of rest. With simulations, we are provided with information that would be observationally inaccessible with observations due to projection effects otherwise. With this research, we hope to gain insights into how those clouds have formed and their impact on the Galactic evolution.